Posted: 3/4/2010


       On May 17th last year in the streets of a rain soaked Manchester, Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt ran 150 metres in 14.35 seconds, a world record.

       I think that Manchester United CEO David Gill had been watching and taking notice.  I was in the front rows of a SOCCEREX Conference interview with the man on stage in a large theatre style hall. It was packed with delegates and press. I even noticed the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times as well as the scandal mongers from The Sun, The Daily Mirror, and CNN, Sky Sports, BBC, France Football, Equipe, and more.

       He was there to be interviewed one-on-one by a poodle of a questioner, Matt Lorenzo. This was to be no Inquisition. More Late Night with David Letterman that a savage like David Frost. He had been brought there under tight security due to the goings on at the Theatre of Dreams-more like a nightmare to their 330 million fans world wide.  The Red Knights are wanting to take possession of the Jewel in the Premier League Crown from their Tampa based owners.  Keith Harris is the Sir Lancelot of the Knights. A respected former chairman of The Football League, he has worked on behalf of takeovers of Chelsea, Manchester City, Aston Villa, West Ham United etc.

       As soon as he could, Gill yanked off his mike and fled the stage before the media could raise an arm with an awkward question-and he was off the stage with no encore or bow. He called the group 'credible people', but had distain for Harris, who he called a publicity seeker. 'His track record in football isn't anything to write home about'. United's debts under The Glazers has soared to 716.5 million. He thought that having 20-30 very wealthy people, all who would want a say in the running of the club, 'unworkeable', and they have not contacted him or the club so far.

       'Abramovich at Chelsea, Mansour at Manchester City, Berlusconi at AC Milan, and the President at Real Madrid-that is workeable.'  United were not for sale and the Glazers were there for the long term, as they have been with their Tampa Bay NFL franchise.  The Red Knights have allied themselves with (MUST), The Manchester United Supporters Trust, whose initial goal of 100,000 supporters has over 97,000 registered so far.

       Meanwhile a few miles west along the motorway in Merseyside, Liverpool FC fans have started erecting bill boards condemning their American owners at Anfield.  TOM AND GEORGE: DEBT, LIES, COWBOYS; YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. The Spirit of Shankly Trust.

       Congratulations to ENGLAND after their 3-1 come from behind victory over African champions Egypt. it was England's 500th victory.