Posted: 10/1/2009


     The restaurant in Old Town was recommended and it was amost empty, with 5 people on 2 tables and 2 guys about to sing on stage very loud.  However the value meal was good. A plate of cheeses, a salad, potatos, some skewer of lamb, a basket full of chewy Georgian bread, and half a carafe of wine. About $3.00 US. Not a bad deal.

     Last night at The Georgia House we had a little celebration. Andro, who is half Ukranian, and works the front desk, and his Georgian fiance Annano, decided to fix dinner to celebrate the birth of little 2 week old OT, a Catalonian baby for Anna Maria and Josef from near Barcelona who had been waiting 3 weeks after the Georgian surragate mother gave birth. It looks as if the Spanish visa is on it's way from Moscow, the nearest Spanish embassy, and the 3 of them can fly home in a couple of days. "Ot cost us more than a Mercedes," says Josef.

    Andro fixes us plates of fish and salad, I think it is catfish, plus some nice boiled and buttered potatos and a huge bottle of the beer that sponsors the GFF Georgian Football Federation, Natakhtari, plus a bottle of plum schnapps and some home made grape juice, plus loads of bread and followed by chocolates. Welcome to this world little OT (which is evidently a very Catalan name).

     Earlier I had got a hair cut for $4.00. a snack of 2 sandwiches and a bottle of orange for $1.50 and 2 passport photos for my Azerbaijan visa for $1.50.' all in 30 minutes or so.  I also caught the marshrutka shared mini bus for 50 cents,35 kms to Myskheta, with a Finnish tourist.  The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, 11th century, is worth a quick visit. Lots of pious visitors and supposedly Christ's robe is buried there. Another hour away is Gori, famous for one man, Josef Jughashvili later feared all over as Joseph Stalin. Here he was  born and went to school. The main street is Stalin Avenue, There is Stalin Square with his statue, and the Stalin Museum, about the Gori cobbler's son who ruled the Soviet Union for 25 years and helped win the war for The Allies and who travelled by train to Yalta on the Black Sea to carve up the world with Roosevelt and Churchill in 1945.