Posted: 9/27/2009


        It was a busy weekend for me and my 5th, 6th and 7th match in 9 days. After the 7-0 one way traffic in Innsbruck I took the train on Saturday for the intruiging top of the table local derby in Bundesliga III. One of my favourite clubs, SSV Jahn Regensburg were hosting nearby rivals FC Ingoldstadt 04 in Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) at the Jahnstadion. My friends in Öberbayern look down on their 'country cousins'.

        Regensburg has a magnificent old town on the banks of the Danube, at the junction of the River Regen with a thousand year old bridge, and a medieval centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No time for sightseeing this time as I passed the people lined up for Danube cruises, and I just about made it to Jahnstadion right at kick-off time. It's a traditional old stadium with standing on three sides, almost packed with 7,800 fans, including a sizeable contingent from  Ingelstadt, an hour away. I had a warm welcome from VRONI-Veronica in the presse room.

     'Fussball für Toleranz und Integration' said the giant.sign from DFB but the H block gang of supporters at the centre line were rocking and chanting and stomping thoughout. First of all I want to single out the schiedrichter, Thomas Gorniak who was calm, composed, fair and used the advantage skillfully. I hope he advances to Bund.I and FIFA list soon.

    It was a typical back and forth derby and it was only on 35 minutes that we saw a goal, for the visitors from No 9 Maritz Hartmann from the penalty spot. They are nicknamed Schanzen, an old military term.  Jahn are top of Bund. III and Ingoldstadt 4th.  Jahn could not break open the opposing well organized defence and at 92 minutes, well into added time Hartmann doubled his tally which still left JAHN on top.

      On Sunday I went to Allianz Arena and witnessed a boring 0-0 draw between TSV 1860 Munich  and SC Paderborn 07,in front of 21,000 disappointed fans. Only one goal in 3 matches, from Kenny Cooper Jr(the other was on own goal). TSV Der SECHIG (the sixties) cannot create space, and lousy passing up front, although Torben Hoffman organized the defence much tighter. Liqui-Moly, a motor oil additive has replaced Lowenbrau on the front of their Bavarian sky blue  jerseys but we could all have done with a brau, or brew, to sit through this torrid display.