Posted: 7/22/2009


         I HATE swedes!! (the vegetable I mean), which is much too mussy and bland. As for SWEDES, the people, I love them and have enjoyed their company and friendship on frequent visits.

        However, there is one Swede that annoys me and that is Sven-Goran Eriksson who is about to be named Director of Football at Notts County, the oldest professional club in the world, and founding members of The Football League. Meadow Lane is across the River Trent from the more famous club, Nottingham Forest, twice European champions, at the County Ground. The Magpies have had a lousy recent history although not so high profile as THE OTHER underperforming Magpies of Newcastle United, who also play in black and white. He speaks English, Swedish, Italian Portuguese, Spanish and RUBBISH !!

         The well travelled Swede recently got the sack at Mexico where he earned 3.5 million a year and accepted 2 million to get lost.  He had earlier been told to take a jump by The F.A. in London after earning 4.5 million a year plus endorsements of 750,000 annually and 3.75 million in compensation for him to leave early. He also was well paid at Manchester City for one season  where he also receieved a sizeable pay-off.  Notts County were bought recently for about 10 million Munto Finance, a Middle Eastern consortium.

          Although County will celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2012 they have been in trouble in the lower depths of the 4th tier of English football. They do have a nice modern 20,000 seat stadium, but their average attendance has been about 4,400. Sven would probably bring in another overpaid, underworked accomplice, Tord Grip, although present manager Ian McParland is supposed to be safe in his job. DON'T COUNT ON IT MAC!!.

        Nottingham is a great place with a female to male ration of 5-1 so he should be able to get lucky often. With his supposed 2 million a year salary he could afford to live in Nottingham Castle, former home of the Sheriff of Nottingham, and use the secret tunnels through the rock to a great little pub,Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, where men destined for The Crusades once met. Nearby is Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood was another who took from the rich!! Not far away is a newsagents shop run by Brian Clough's son Simon, where he can buy newspapers and chocolates for his women folk, and the Swedish giant store IKEA, for Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce. Across the River Trent is HOOTERS, where girls in orange hot pants, and not Sherwood green ones will sit on his knee.

        A few miles awayis EMA -East Midlands Airport, for a quick visit to his homes in Portugal, Spain and Italy after the final whistle on a wet Saturday afternoon. Ryan Air FR 9398 to Barcelona, FR 1760 to Faro, plus Teneriffe, Roma, Sevilla, Ibiza, Florence and more.