Posted: 1/17/2009


        "Outrageous, totally unjustified, no player is worth that much, unsustainable".  Questions were asked in the House of Commons, as the press used banner headlines.

         No not KAKA, in 2009, but ALF COMMON when he was transferred from Sunderland to Middlesborough in 1905 for, wait for it, -  1,000 pounds.   Alf was from the North-East and played for Sunderland until transferred to Sheffield United for 325 in 1901 and he scored the only goal for The Blades against Southampton in the 1902 F A Cup Final win.  He went back to Sunderland in 1904 for 520 with a reserve goalkeeper Albert Lewis thrown into the deal.  Only six months later, Middlesborough, who were fighting relegation, bought him for a world record 1,000 which was considered outrageous.

         However, it kept them from relegation and in his first match away, at Sheffield United, he scored the winning goal from the penalty spot, 'Boro's first away win in 2 years. In 1910 he was transferred to Woolwich Arsenal and played for The Gunners until he retired.

        The Kaka deal wants you either to laugh or cry, depending upon whether you are a 'Blue  Moon' supporter, most of whom are long suffering,supporting a club that has gone from one crisis to another. Now they want to become the TOP club in Manchester, leap frogging from 3rd best, after Manchester United and Manchester United reserves. ha! ha!-maybe.

        Next week I will be in Milan for AC Milan vs Genoa in Serie A and hope to see David Beckham and Kaka still playing together at the San Siro StadiumMark Hughes, the City boss, was quoted today that the deal is far from being completed. AC Milan, The Rossoneri, (The Red & Black),have given permission for the English club and its owners and agents, to speak with the Brazilian, with a transfer fee of $150 million and wages of $500,000 a week or more mentioned. The mega rich owners from Abu Dhabi are using it as rich man's toy, not satisfied with flying hawks, collecting wives and attracting the sort of people to visit the kingdom that you might find on a cruise ship-a reason I would find a cruise as boring as eating blotting paper.

        KAKA, is a term of endearment given to many Brazilians called Ricardo. His real name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite.  He is now 26 and in 2007 won both The Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year awards, as Cristiano Ronaldo did recently. At age 18 he almost ended his career with a swimming pool accident and a spinal fracture, bu made a full recovery. He is an Evangelical Christian and tithes 10% of his considerable income to his church. He also earns mega bucks representing both ADIDAS and ARMANI.

       The Manchester City club is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyen, and the club chairman is Khakloon Al Mubarek. If they have nicknames, they certainly aren't used by their minnions in front of them.

      Tottenham Hotspur find themselves bottom of the Premier League, despite having Harry Redknapp as manager. Somebody pointed out yesterday on a radio talk show that this May, all the clubs that 'Happy Harry' has managed- Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur,could all be relegated from their various divisions.