Posted: 3/22/2008


   I had an invitation to visit a friend in Munich moving into a new apartment. I could have volunteered some painting, but I chose to watch Rapid Vienna vs FK Austria Magna in the Austrian Bundesliga. WRONG CHOICE. I should have gone to the apartment-It was like watching paint dry!! 0-0 most of the match until I fell asleep, and then Rapid scored twice, I learned later.

   Walking in a snowy winterland in downtown Munich I passed lots of advertising for Marlboro cigarettes. Of course this kind of advertising is now banned in many countries, and I thought that The Marlboro Man used in 1954-1999 had passed into history.  It was a brilliant advertising campaign and more than a dozen actors were used including two, Wayne McLaren and Dave McLean who actually died of lung cancer! The Marlboro Man was honoured in a book called The 101 Most Influencial People Who Never Lived.  George Lazenby -James Bond 007 in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, modeled in European campaigns.

     If you look closely you can see the heart brand on the cowboys' chaps from the Chase Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico where the idea originated. Nowadays thankfully, there is no smoking inside buildings in most of Europe. The exception I found a few days earlier in my favourite European shopping mall, EUROPARK, in Salzburg, Austria.  There were a few smokers and lots of dogs, which in a packed mall and on leashes, caused quite a problem, tangling up with shoppers. Europark has its own train station-just 3-4 minutes  journey from Salzburg Hofbahnhof.

Also a couple of hundred yards away is the stadium of Red Bull Salzburg, which will be one of 8 stadiums used this June for EURO 2008. They are still completing the upper tier but we watched Red Bull Salzburg and their coach Giovanni Trapattoni train on their artificial turf pitch.  Just over the autobahn is one of the most conveniently placed airports in Europe, W.A. Mozart -Flughafen Salzburg. TRAP will leave his post to become the new national coach of Ireland in June.

 Back in Munich I witnessed about 50 protesters outside the Town Hall on Marienplatz show support for Tibet and get signatures on a sheet to support the boycotting of the Beijing Olympics. We were hungry so went round the corner to the Viktualienmarkt, the great market of Munich, a maypole, statues, trees, fruits, preserves, juices, beer, coffee, flowers and more. After a couple of bratwurste and potatoes I went to look at all the wares.

    My favourite stall is EXOTEN MUELLER where I like to look and smell the multitude of fruit, There were passion fruits, pinneapples, trikkokin, java rose apples, duran, dragon fruit, physalis, red bananas, spanish strawberries, kungquats, nashi, ingiver, figs, granadula, ugly fruit, wood apples, langun, jack fruit, cranberries, baby bananas, pomegranites, kiwi lemons mapray..... I could also describe the cheese stalls, and  Honig Haus, hundreds of honeys and jams, and hundreds of different sausages and meats plus special breads including Easter fruit and nut loaves.