Posted: 2/16/2008


      Richard Scudamore has met his match. The 1 million a year chief executive of The English Premier League has had world wide scorn poured on him about his 39th Game proposal a few days ago.

    Dick, its about time that you resigned, gave up all your worldy goods and retired to a monastary and became Brother Rich. Of course, you may not like it, because of their vows of silence, so like Friar Tuck you will have to become a wandering monk. (friars are monks without a monastery). On your behalf I got a copy of the yellow pages and tried calling some monasteries, but they all had a vow of silence and wouldn't answer. Perhaps I will try email or text messaging!!  Actually he worked for YellowPages in UK for 7 years before his present job.

    DEFINETELY one who doesn't adhere to a vow of silence, FIFA President Sepp Blatter said yesterday that as long as he is President,  the EPL won't be able to play this 39th match outside England quoting Statute 2.  Furthermore, sending shivers down the spine of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and whatever Sir Dave Richards, the EPL Chairman, has in place of a spine, the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP is at risk. Richards was the chairman of Sheffield Wednesday when they made some really stupid decisions and was unpopular as Margaret Thatcher and smog, before he had to resign.

   Brown has former sports minister Rt Hon Richard Caborn as his front man to snag the cup for a second time, and Blatter was in no doubt that this folly would count against the F.A. in its bid. (2010 is in South Africa, 2014 in Brazil). Russia, USA, Australia, Canada, Benelux(Holland,Belgium,Luxembourg) will be smiling. It's game over for Scuddy.

   One global loudmouth who hasn't commented yet is CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner of Trinidad and Tobago. He is trying to woo England to bring their full national team to Port of Spain and hope that the party and visiting fans will stay in his families expensive hotels, and rent his expensive training facility for their 100th Anniversary celebrations. They have two really great web sites. and T &T who have played in one recent FIFA World Cup, should have been at World Cup 1974 in West Germany, but Haiti from CONCACAF made it, when 'bent' refereeing was mentioned as a reason for Haiti's qualification on their home turf.