Posted: 1/23/2008


      Well, George W. Bush said it, and look what happened!!

      Tom Hicks and George Gillett were treated that way with banners, singing, scarves and love when they first appeared at Anfield a year ago, buying the club with borrowed money. The naievity is for all to see as the Yanks seek to refinance their loan this week and use the income from the club, rather than ANY of their own personal fortunes to buy into a legend.  Newcastle United continually plead that THEIR club is a MASSIVE CLUB, which it isn't, but Liverpool is beloved the world over.

      "They Don't Care about Rafa; They don't care about fans; Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands."

        The fans sang that, and praise for Rafa Benitez for 6 1/2 minutes, after a rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone", as The Reds and Aston Villa entered the stadium prior to their televised EPL match on Monday night, and only a goal from late substitute Peter Crouch to make it 2-2 saved them from a home defeat.   One DIC is better than Two (DIC-Dubai International Capital), Taxi for Hicks.   If it ain't broke don't Hicks itMoney can't buy you love, Yanks Out.  Unprintable chants about where the Americans could stick their dollars, echoed around the fabled arena.   The cameras showed the 3 empty front row seats in the Director's Box where Tom, George and a son, who has an office at the club, but hasn't been seen for weeks, would normally be seated.

While I am talking about Liverpool, what is the purpose of Harry Kewell?  He is over paid, often injured and doesn't contribute much. He doesn't last long in a match and fades quickly. He wears his woolly gloves and when it gets really cold his hair gel freezes and gives him a headache.

     Aston Villa is also owned by an American, Randy Lerner, but interfers little with manager Martin O'Neil, and there contingent of fans chanted U-S-A, U-S-A as their claret and sky blue heroes came from behind to take a 2-1 lead until Crouch struck.  Club President and former owner John Moores has stated that the Americans had the best interest of the club in their hearts as he reluctantly accepted $170 million for his shares twelve months ago, and we have been treated to promises of  a great new stadium to be built a few hundred yards away in Stanley Park, only for an announcement that it has proved too expensive and a smaller, less glamorous edifice will be built.  It has been alleged that a 'close family member' (read son) let it be know that the families wanted out as soon as possible, with a $100 million profit if sold to rivals Dubai International Capital  from United Arab Emitrates.  Swapping 2 tossers for a tyrant isn't such a great idea.   Where is British money? There are some very wealthy peope on this island, some of whom are interested in soccer and not rugby, cricket or croquet.

   Up in the North-East in Geordieland, Kevin Keegan put on his work clothes, a track sui,t and watched his Magpies play to a boring 0-0 draw with strugglers. Bolton Wanderers.  As you drive up the A 1 past Wetherby Racecourse and the motorway narrows and you pass Catterick Racecourse, the accents change from Yorkshire to Geordie. You come up over a rise in the road and the gigantic  rust coloured Angel of The North statue on the right hand side welcomes you to Tyneside and its cathedral St. James Park, with seating for 52,000.  They haven't won anything important for over 50 years. I remember as a young lad how Jackie Milburn and team mates won the F.A. Cup 3 times in 1951, 1952, 1955.  Kevin is a passionate man but no longer young. 

   For the last 3 years he has been developing his personal project  up in Scotland and claims not to have watched a match in that time.  Money talks and with $7 million a year plus expenses for the next 3 1/2 years he came back as The Messiah, to a very ordinary team. He walked out before, eleven seasons ago, as he did at Manchester City and England, and the twice European Footballer of the Year while at HSV Hamburg in the Bundesliga, and earlier Kop hero at Anfield, may not stay the course.  Sam Allardyce who was a success at Bolton, couldn't get the team to play exciting, nor winning soccer, and there are many superfluous players.

   Allen Smith, who I once admired when he played for Leeds United, in the EPL and Champions League wasn't good enough at Old Trafford and Big Sam paid DAFT money for him, about $15 million, and I think he has scored once for The Magpies. Well, on the field anyway. If you look at the rauchy  last Sunday you can see with photos and videos what he was up to at the England team hotel the night before the vital Croatia match, where he didn't even merit a place on the bench. He has missed the last two Newcastle matches after swearing at the referee and getting yet another red card, even though he was wearing the captain's arm band, in the last minute of a 5-0 thrashing at Manchester United. That arm band has now gone permanently to Kevin Keegan, another faded star.  Keegan should try and get some money for those two to start with and also Geremi and Rozenthal, and maybe for under productive and very highly paid Mark Viduka,and invest in a decent defender to help out wonder goalie Shay Given.