Posted: 9/27/2007


   Set on the River Wharfe, the small market town of Otley has 15 pubs within 100 yards,another 10 within 400 yards, a cobblestone market place and The Chevin Forest Park, a large hillside hanging over it for fabulous walks and views, home to the rare Holly Blue, Painted lady, Peacock, Green-veined White  butterflies. It's also the birthplace of Thomas Chippendale, whose furniture is world famous. Only 10 miles from Leeds and 4 miles from Leeds Bradford International Airport, headquarters of, its 3 times weekly markets are a great attraction.

    I visitited the 16th Annual Otley Folk Festival and witnessed lots of singing, fiddling, guitar and ukulele playing and plenty of dancing outside the Woolpack, The Red Lion, Yew Tree, White Swan, Three Horseshoes, Ring O'Bells, Woolpack, Rose & Crown and other watering holes. The towns pubs pride themselves on the varied brews, Black Sheep, Thekstons, Timothy Taylor, Twaites, Tetleys etc. All hosted the various troupes, although the Methodist church hall only offered tea, coffee and soft drinks.  Morris Dancing has a vague history probably from 16th Century Royal Courts. Dancers traditionally wear clogs, corduroy britches, loose shirts with bright strips of cloth, shirts with bells and dance in line and with each other. Devon,The Welsh Borderlands, and Lancashire Mill Towns are famous and I watched  The Alvechurch Morris, The local Wharfedale Wayzgees, etc. strutt their stuff.

    You may remember The Sex Pistols, the nasty Punk Rock band of yesteryear. In the mid 70's they used to fight, spit, insult the audience and each other on stage. Well, bassist Sid Vicious committed suicide with a heroin overdose while out on bail after murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spurgeon with a knife at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, in 1997 at age 22, and his buddy, vocalist on PR guru Johnny Rotten (aka John Lydon) owns $100 million plus of California Real Estate. Well, Johnny was interviewd on the BBC the other night and was hilarious. He is having a revival concert in London in November. Three shows at London's Brixton Academy and one at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester.  Rolling Stone magazine made their album, Never Mind the Bollocks which was No. 1 in the hit parade 'The No 2 most important album of all time'.

    Log on to  and look at the spectacular new design for the cover and roof of the NEW Camp Nou in an urban setting. As well as adding 8,000 new seats to the current 90,000, the Sir Norman Foster design will be similar to the shell encasing the Allianz Arena in Munich. The German stadium changes colour from white to red to light blue depending on who is playing. Camp Nou will be encased in a shell of Antoni Gaudi-inspired multi coloured tiles with reflected light. I have visited a number of times and the pride of Catalonia has been showing signs of wear and tear recently. Its the biggest tourist attraction in Barcelona and the new refurbished arena can only bring more fans and tourists to view and spend money.