Posted: 6/11/2007


    John Terry and his team mates are VERY rich young men, earning 30,000.00 a week and sometimes  two or three times that amount. When playing for England the match fees range from  750.00 for a loss, 1,000.00 for a tie and 1,500.00 for a win.  Terry, the captain after David Beckham gave up the title, announced that all the players on the squad had agreed to forgoe their England match fees for the next 4 years and donate them to certain charities, such as the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research. " For some time  our squad had discussed the idea with the Football Association and 'Becks' manager Terry Byrne will have his management company organize it."  said Terry. The amount is over 1 million.  Bobby Moore, the captain of England in WC 1996 died in 1993 at the age of 51 from bowel cancer.

   Already we have seen in the last few weeks that 60% of the Premiership stars gave up one days salary to a fund to help out English nurses. Dr. Noreen Hertz persuaded whole clubs such as West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur to join the scheme. Niail Quinn, now owner of Sunderland F.C., gave the whole of his benefit match takings, over 1 million, to charity after he retired a couple of years ago.  The USA national team squad, who in the past have actually gone on strike over money, should take note.

   How often to you get U.S. Universities actually giving away money and sponsoring causes, rather than begging from alumni and industry alike for funds? Well, Leeds Met. Carnegie  University in Yorkshire actually sponsor the Irish(soccer) League in Northern Ireland and the Rugby League Cup for professional 13 a side Rugby League in England.  They have sponsored and  renamed  historic Carnegie Headingly Stadium, where the Leeds Rhinos RFL, the best supported team in the country, play. The Yorkshire and England cricket team and the 15 a side renamed Leeds Carnegie RFC  Professional Rugby Union team now back in the top league all play there.The Carnegie Headingley Stadium has both a rugby and cricket stadium, joined like a Siamese twin. Rugby League is now played in the summer months and Rugby Union in the winter.  Leeds Met has 53.000 students, the more academic and prestigious University of Leeds has 30,000 students and with other colleges from art and engineering, the city boasts about 100,000 students.  The sponsorship idea is to help advertise and promote the college far and wide. Leeds Met. Carnegie has superb state of the art indoor and outdoor sports halls, gymnasiums, medical and research facilities and playing fields.  They host Olympic athletes in many sports, and with London the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics hope than many overseas Olympic squads will train there.

    How about the NEW British wonder boy LEWIS HAMILTON who in his first season in Formula One racing  placed 2nd or 3rd in his first 5 races?  Well, yesterday in his 6th race at Le Grand Prix du Canada in Montreal he led from start to finish in the 70 lap race and leads the Drivers Championship.  Next week he goes on to Indianapolis for his 7th pro race.