Posted: 2/21/2007


    "He shoots, he scores, he eats your Labradors."  Thatīs the chant for Ji-Sung Park, the South Korean star at Old Trafford these days. Of course the Koreans like dog meat.  How about: Poodles and Pasta, German Shepherd Pie, 101 Dalmations Dishes, Husky Burger, Yorkshire Pudding Terrier,

    The Scots are doing well in the corridors of power these days. In the last week or so  Scottish F A President John McBeth has been elected to Vice-President of FIFA succeeding fellow Scot David Will who brought a fresh touch of honesty to the Machiavellian organization, and more recently David Taylor was appointed the new Executive Director of UEFA, from his current post of General Secretary of the Scottish FA.  There are three nice things I would like to say about the Scots.  1. They are honest administrators. 2. They probably won't beat England in quite a while, and 3. Well, I can't think of a third nice thing to say- but maybe later!!

    Bust up in The Algarve in Southern Portugal where Liverpool FC are training for their upcoming Champions League battle at the Camp Nou with Barcelona. At 1.30 am six police cars arrived at the team hotel, evidently hand cuffing Welsh captain Craig Bellamy after a brawl where he attacked John Arne Riise with a golf club. Liverpudlians are nicknamed Scousers   It reminds me of the Manchester comedian who says he goes to Liverpool to look at his hub caps!!, and the joke about what do you call a Liverpool man in a suit and tie? "The accused".  Funny thing, they played so well as a team at Camp Nou vs Barcelona and both scored in 2-1 away win.

    There is a big campaign being waged to cut prices at EPL matches. Bolton Wanderers have announced that they will reduce most season ticket prices by 10% next season and others are being urged to do so. In the Championship, Leeds United who lie at the bottom cut prices to $30.00 for a recent match and saw attendance rise by50% and income from tickets and food increase by $500,000. They are going to do it again at another upcoming midweek match.

    Most of Italian stadiums have now been opened to fans, though some will only be allowed to let season ticket holders in. Catania's Massimino Stadium will still be closed for the rest of the season. In Argentina there has been more violence at matches, the latest occasion at Rosario Old Boys.  The Argentinian F A have been inept and fans are out of control.  Lille vs Manchester United in Lens was marred by complaints that too many Manchester United fans were squeezed into one section, and with big ugly fences there was no escape. Lille counter by saying that there were many fake tickets in that section. I was at a recent Bundesliga match in Munich where your ticket is automatically scanned, so fake printing would be rejected. Why a former World Cup stadium for France 1998 doesn't have that security I don't know.

   Sunil Gulati has announced that US Soccer will bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where the main rivals are likely to be England, who last hosted the event in 1966, and its theirs to lose, with the world wanting a European venue after 2010 in South Africa and possibly 2014 in Brazil.