Posted: 1/20/2007


   There used to be a great striker for Liverpool and Scotland called Ian St. John, who has since become a popular broadcaster in the U.K.  Often you see the religious zealots outside football stadiums, with banners such as What would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool?  Well the answer of course in the '70's would have been Move St. John to outside left !!

   According to Rick Parry, the Chief Executive of the Anfield club, the takeover ,by DIC Dubai Investment Group, the business arm of the Dubai government is almost complete. Head of State Sheikh Mohammed already owns Godolfing Racing.  Liverpool need massive funding for their new 60, 000 seat stadium, but there are sinister undertones.  Evidently both Liverpool and West ham United went on lucrative short tours to Dubai and disgracefully left their Jewish Israeli players at home since they would not have been allowed in the Kingdom. What more will we see.? Perhaps pork pies, sausage rolls, ham sandwiches and bacon 'butties' would no longer be sold. the new Kop would face to the East, members in the Executive stand will have to wash down their prawn sandwiches with water instead of white wine.  Wait for it - they are considering changing their red jerseys for ROYAL BLUE silk of the Godolphin stables.  Aussie Harry Kewell, who is always injured but can hobble to the bank on a weekly basis, would be 'put down' like an injured racehorse, and You'll Never Walk Alone  replaced by Next Year in Jerusalam, Allah Akbar.

  Down the road at Goodison Park, Sly Stallone was brought onto the pitch wearing an Everton jacket, cap and scarf, by major backer Robert Earl who started the Planet Hollywood chain with Sly and others in 1991. Everton are known as The Peoples Club and The Toffees, and the blue half of Merseyside welcomed Rocky with open arms. The next day he was at the Premiere of his latest movie, ROCKY BALBOA, in London, and a couple of days later at Paris Saint Germain  still wearing his Everton ensemble.

   After Liverpool lost twice in 3 days to Arsenal they came back and defeated Watford. I don't know if Newcastle United, possible the 2nd worse run club in Britain after Heart of Midlothian, can do the same. They were smashed 5-1 at St. James Park by Championship side Birmingham City in a 3rd Round FA Cup replay. Birmingham are coached by Geordie Steve Bruce, and owned by a porno Millionaire David Gold.   the Geordies fans have not had much to cheer about before or since Allan Shearer retired and havn't won any silverwear of note since winning the F.A. Cup in 1955. They have spent millions and had a revolving door of unsuccessful coaches.

   I see that both the President Ramon Calderon and the coach of Real Madrid apologized to fans and to David Beckham in particular about recent negative comments. Coach Fabio Capello has brought in loads of players but has failed to ignite them. He backed off slightly from his comments that Becks would never play for him again, by saying that all is possible. Meanwhile Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho of Chelsea is in a 'who blinks first' confrontation with bilionaire owner Roman Abramovich over money for new signings, and is favourite to take over at The Bernabaeu in a few months.

   Up in Scotland where THE OLD FIRM, of Rangers FC and Glasgow Celtic have all the wealth and most of the fans, Eninburgh club Heart of Midlothian, who play at Tynecastle are in dissaray.  Their often absentee Lithuanian owner  Vladimir Romanov has gone though coaches like butter, and THE JAMBOS, as they are called (Hearts rhymes with Tarts-Jam Tarts)  have let go a couple of top players and have dropped from the top of the league dramatically. Last week saw the departure of popular captain Steven Pressley.

  Here is a QUESTION for you:  FIFA President Sepp Blatter and CONCACAF President Jack Warner are set to finish up in Hell and Damnation, due their treatment of the game and its fans, alongside Jose Mourinho for being ' a bore', and YOU have the chance to vote to save one of them, so who would you pick.    ANSWER:   Who gives a *&#@*&* !!!!