Posted: 11/30/2006


  Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was, and is, a decent sort of guy, never a hint of scandal and a strong family man when he led Bayern Munich and West Germany to glory days.  He  made a remarkeable statement this week. He said that his club FC Bayern, of which he is chairman, is thinking of pulling out of the G-14 club group, accusing them of greed. Well, I have complained about that for years. He singled out Chelsea owner Roman Abramovitch and Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon in particular, and said that they and all the English, Spanish and Italian clubs thought only of themselves.   Members include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Porto, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen,Bayern Munchen, AC Milan, Internazionale Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille,Olympique Lyonaise, Actually 18 members with Chairman David Dein of Arsenal, and an office in Brussels, Belgium.  " I doubt if a German team will be in any European final within 10 years" he told Kicker magazine. " I hope that the European Parliament will do something about it".

  "South Africa is not safe". So pronounced US Ambassador Eric M. Bost. "All the other ambassadors are talking about rampant crime".   Bost, a native of Concord, North Carolina and a graduate of UNC and U. of South Florida was a specialist in nutrician in the Third World at the USDA before he came to Pretoria. A group of German tour agents who visited recently to start planning for World Cup 2010 were robbed.  Perhaps the FIFA big wigs can give up their $500.00 a day per diem and each can hire 10 African extra security guards with it. " I don't expect to see many tourists come for the World Cup in 2010", said Bost.  I have said myself all along that this is THE BIG problem that has to be taken care of.

  Remember how Moscow Spartak had to get the metro to a Champions league match last month?Well, this weekend Coventry City, due to play at Queen's Park Rangers in London had a similar problem. Their bus didn't arrive at their hotel, so they caught the Tube, and bought 23 single tickets. Fortunately one of their substitutes was a London lad and knew that they had to change at Hammersmith. They arrived with 40 minutes to spare and won 1-0.

  Guess who were seen at La Bombonera " The Chocolate Box" last weekend, wearing blue and yellow scarves? None other than the Bush twins, Barbara and Jemma, supporting Boca Juniors, who beat Colon 1-0, and with one match left, look like winning the championship again. They were kept well away from Diego Maradona, friend of Fidel and a critic of dad George.  Earlier in the week Barbara had her cell phone and purse stolen while in a downtown Buenos Aires restaurant, despite her US Secret Service security detail.

  All is not well in Argentinian football. Gimnasia La Plata were winning 1-0 at home to Boca Juniors when the Gimnasia President paid a visit to referee Daniel Gimanez at half-time. Whatever happened, the match was abandoned. The F.A. ordered the last 45 minutes to be played a few days later.  20 Barras Bravos hooligans from Gimnasia visited the players at training and threatened violence if they beat Boca, because it would help out cross town La Plata rivals Estudiantes. Gimnasia lost 4-1 !!  Such gangs often threaten players and get 'protection money'.  Argentinian F.A. President for the last 27 years, Julio Grondona, one of those you have hung around as FIFA Vice-President for far too long,(actually the last 18 years) should reduce his first class air travel and per diems and take care of business at home.