Posted: 8/23/2006


Top 10 Reasons.
1. Only 1 hour by plane to Cayman Island Banks-much more secretive than even Zurich's banks.
2. In Houston, 40 hour week is normal and 2 weeks paid holiday. In Zurich 37 hour week and 5 weeks paid vacation plus saints days, famous cheese makers and choclatiers birthdays.
3. Big lots in Harris County, so yodelling before breakfast and in the shower won't disturb the neighbours.
4. Second class soccer with MLS Houston Hurricanes much better than 3rd class Swiss League.
5. No planning ordinances in Houston-just like FIFA.
6. Turn FIFA's new 5 storey expensive home into a bordello and finally give Zurich residents some fun.
7. Harris County has lots of recent experience in dealing with big time crooks.
8. Home to NASA and outer space. THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH for FIFA so they can launch into outer space.
9. Good bi-lingual secretaries are readily available in Houston for $10.00 an hour, instead of $30.00 an hour in Switzerland
10. No decent Tex-Mex restaurants in Zurich.
    Read the new book FOUL: THE SECRET WORLD OF FIFA  Harper Sports, by award winning journalist ANDREW JENNINGS and look up   Andrew Jenning's own web site. Tarnished Rings, his take on the scandals of the International Olympic Committee and more.
Where all the money goes to. Why won't Sepp Blatter answer questions, what CONCACAF President and FIFA VP  Jack 'The lad' Warner, does with his power and how his family businesses control soccer in the Caribbean. Why tiny Antigua wanted 3,000 World Cup tickets and where the tickets that you the fans should have been able to get, went to.