Posted: 6/27/2006
Title: KING of BEERS


  Here we are in Ceske Budejovice, home of The Original Budweiser. Got a bus from Prague and went to see 2nd half of Brasil/Ghana at the Oskar Bar and bought THE genuine drink in its place of birth. fabulous old central market place where internet cafe is, but rest of town is typical untidy and graffiti plagued Eastern Europe.
  Took a room at Central Hotel next door-somewhat like Hotel Central in Irkutsk, Siberia many years ago with same suspicious looking characters from Central casting of an East Europen spy movie.
Had a FAB Monday in Prague. met up with Clyde Platt and his 2 stunning 20 something daughters who are working here. Clyde was on very first tour in 1968 and is a big time lawyer in Seattle successfully suing the likes of Enron, Big Tobacco, Britsih Airways etc. He has bought a yacht and is retiring young to see the North West passage and the South Pacific on his earnings. He should run out of money by the next century!!
  We saw ITA-AUS and SWI-UKR at Murphys Irish Bar and in between had Fajitas and many  margaritas at Mexican restaurant. Prague is probably the most vibrant ex Soviet block capital with lots of private enterprise, but quite a bit more expensive than Budapest.
FIFA has said you should consume plenty of liquids in this heat in a 90 minute match, so we played our part in doing the same-twice.
Prague is a fab place and nothing better than walking over one of many bridges and looking at the floodlight Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at midnight, trying to find our hotel.
Very tired after catching the 2.40 am slow train from Nuremberg and traveling in a beat up Czech train to Prague arriving at 8.00am, with workers catching the train at Pilzen and drinking a breakfast beer at 6.00am on the way to a days work.
I was with Ryan Swiontek who I 'lost' this  morning in Prague and hope he makes it here. He loves his beer.
  Tomorrow heading to Austria and maybe Wien, Vienna. 2 days off for World Cup and then we have tickets for ITA/UKR in Hamburg and hoping for ENG/POR tickets also.