Posted: 6/24/2006


  To say that Sweden were pathetic today is an understatement. Their defence was as intimidating as a clean shaven Viking with one leg on crutches! Two goals from Polish born Podolski in the first 10 minutes was enough to see the Germans thru to face Argentina, winners over Mexico with a wondergoal.
  We have a typical Bavarian wedding with 250 guests at the hotel. It started at 11.00 in the morning, and they are still dancing and drinking at midnight.
I left at noon for an experiment. I wanted to see if there was anywhere in Germany that didn't care about WM 2006. I took the ICE train past Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Mittenwald up near the Zugspitz. The place was dead and the liveliest part of the village was the cemetery, so I back pedaled 20 minutes on the next train to G-P, site of the Nazi 1936 Winter Olympics and watch GER-SWE in a bar next to the bahnhof. Nearby is the Olympic ski jump arena still showing giant Nazi era murals on the walls.
I had left Munchen Hbf with fans pouring out of trains for Allianz Arena or the OlympiaPark-to be met by German and Swedish riot police.
  The same when I returned. Our train to Rosenheim was filled with leiderhosen clad bandsmen and the whole Von Tripp family and relatives all dressed up and singing after the German victory.
I think that my previous remarks about FIFA officials might have hit home.
Apart from the Botswanian FIFA VP sent back home in disgrace for scalping to his country, lacking air conditioning,ice water, cold milk and McDonalds, many of the other FIFA guys are wearing disguises, but I think it was a bit too obvious when I saw officials disguised as MLS people, since nobody over here and in most of USA  has heard of the MLS and  officials walking on their knees disguised as Sunil Gulati's.
Anway tomorrow England vs Ecuador on TV and then live Netherlands vs Portugal.