Posted: 6/16/2006


  Almost everyone is in a good mood over here. The weather has been fantastic, the beer is cold and Germany are winning.
Everywhere you go the fans are drinking with each other, saying nice things about each others team and country and behaving well.
  Yesterday I went to Rothenburg on the Tauber,on the Romantic Strasse,  the most well preserved small town in Europe, with medieval walls, unique houses and cobbled streets and lots and lots of tourists. I went to meet up with Brian & Angel Croston. We watched the Ecuador-Costa Rica match in a 'Sports Bar' seating about 1,000 and a  30 foot wide screen. Only about 50 fans but its full for big matches. Later we watched England - Trinidad at the Puppet Theater before making a mad dash for the train station.
  I was telling Brian what I would do with Peter Crouch who had been playing like a baffoon. I said I would use him as a second half substitute against a Pub team, after the pub team had been drinking heavily at half-time!!  5 minutes later the jolly white giant scored a goal.
In between matches we visited the Torture Museum. Beheaddings, Boiling in pots, Iron masks etc-and that was just for telling smutty jokes or gossiping.!!!
  Lots of German, US, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian, Swiss and Japanese fans  looking around the exhibits. Just the countries that have used torture in fact. The Swiss you ask?. Well have you ever been in a long boring conversation with the Swiss? Thats torture!!! Cuckoo clocks, cows, cheese...
  Duke University had a great final day on tour. Finished with a 1-2 record, with a 4-0 win over 1860 Rosenhein with ex UCLA standout Dru Hoshimya playing for the Germans. Losses of 0-3 to both Vladivostok and Moscow Dynamo with their full time pros-a great experience.
We went to Eagles Nest and 6,500 ft up on special geared bus. including a 400 ft ascent in Hitlers brass elevator.
  A gift from Martin Borman and the National Socialist Party for Hitler's 50th birthday it's a spectacular view and still a place where the players could throw snowballs in mid summer.
Afterwards to Konigsee the beautiful mountain lake where only electric powered boats are allowed. John Rainnie enjoyed a pinwheel shaped bratwurst on a bun.
On the way back to Rosenheim lots of money was spent at the new barn size ADIDAS Outlet store in Pidling just off  the autobahn.
  Then for the piece de resistance at Gasthof Hoehensteiger- A Bavarian Barbecue on the terrace with its Alpine backdrop.
Steaks, wursts, salad, baked potato, lots of beer from host Georg Hoehensteiger.
The day before had been a lot more sombre, with a visit to Dachau. for great photos and daily log.
  I finally got one Polizie to understand what 'One Riot, one Ranger' meant. I was on the inter city express with some T&T and England fans. At each station was a contingent of riot police and at Berlin Hbf(Hofbahnhof) main station, about a thousand of them. I said 'kein hooligans' and told them about the Texas Rangers. There was NO problem as fans scattered to their pensions, to their sleeping bags in the parks or to the overnight express to Salzburg and finally Budapest, which I caught for the 35 minute ride to Rosenheim using my Rail Pass. I told a poor Brazilian fan to use my tactics and not buy a hotel rooom in Munich. Take the overnight train to Austria, Hungary, Italy or wherever using the rail pass, travel for about 4 hours, get off and take the next train returning to Munich and buy a shower at the station and have breakfast-lots of money saved....
Not many empty seats in the stadiums-most in the VIP sections. Evidently the FIFA VP's mistresses would rather go shopping using their extensive expense money. FIFA VP's receive US $100,000 a yearper plus a daily allowance of $500 and $200 for their companions plus first class travel hotels and meals.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.  Later, more Sepp Blatter jokes AND.... My 10 reasons for moving the FIFA offices from Zurich to Houston, Texas!!!