Posted: 6/14/2006


  One good thing about visiting small German towns is that you buy foreign newspapers a day late. After picking up a high school team in FRA Airport we drove  with Winni our new Bus driver to Boppard for a 2 hour Rhine cruise to Baccaratt in fantastic weather. There asa an old USA TODAY on sale-before USA got spanked -0 and 'USA is in with a chance' What little did they know. 
   Evidently President Bush called the team hotel to wish Bruce and the team well and he said' Give them Hell'. It was obviously misheard, Kasey Keller thought that he said 'Give them the ball' !!!
I watched France-Swiss game in the DB (Deutsch bahn, German rail lounge) at Frankfurt Hbh. Free drinks, cold or coffee, chocolates, magazines and TV. Lots of fans from all over at the station. I have a first class rail pass but lots of South Koreans waiting for Munich train. I knew they were SOUTH Koreans because they all smoked and the North can't afford it. Announcement of change of platform/track and bad dash. I beat all the Koreans because trhey smoke, apart from large Czech who only need 2 strides!!!.
Sorry about misspelt  quick message yesterday after loss. I was using a Korean keyboard I borrowed and couldnt find a Y for Yanks, only a Z.
Today take Duke to Eagles Nest and Berchstesgaden.
Sat next to The White Lighning' at USA nmatch. Eddie Radwanski who played for Sidekicks and now coaches women at UNC Greensboro.
Another Sepp Blatter joke.
  With Euro Champuionships in Switzerland and Austria in 2008 they are rebuilding stadia.
Zurich, HQ of FIFA were considering naming the new main tribune(stand) the Sepp Blatter Tribune. Big Head wants more than that. He wants the opposite tribune(stand) named The other Sepp Blatter tribune.'
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