Posted: 6/9/2006
Title: IT'S HERE


  Munchen, 75F and 1 million visitors today to go to Allianz Arena or Marianplatz, Englisher Garten or OlympiaPark for the match live or on TV.
Michael Ballack will miss the opener, and a certain Arab terrorist, will also miss the big kick off  after the 'big strike' yesterday, in his hot 'down under' place. NO TV Sets there-Hell, isn't it !!!!
Went to Austria and N. Italy yesterday. Kufsstein and it magnicicent castle is 15 minutes South of Rosenheim in Austria and then to Innsbruck  and over the Brenner Pass to BLIXEN Sud Tirol  for lunch. Great main square and cathedral and old town.
Back to Rosenheim late afternoon for Duke vs Vladivostok at Tassilo Stadion, across the road from Gasthof Hoheinsteiger, who own the stadium.
  Duke lost 0-3 to the Siberians who were very strong and skillful. They are about midway up the Russian Premier League. Their nearest opponents are 9 hours flying time away from their home, the Pacific port city of Vladivostok and home of the Russian navy's Pacific fleet.
Lots of Costa Rican fans in town and lots of Paraguayans even for a small country. I wonder who is left in Ascunsion to drive the buses and deliver the social security checks to the aged surviving Nazis living there!!
  What's the difference between a FIFA official and a college student?- Students often miss their first class and breakfast. FIFA officials, and US soccer and state officials never pass up a free lunch, or breakfast!!!
  Gasthof Hohensteiger has been in the same family since 1869. Old man Sebastian trains his donkey TASSILO, 3 times German champion who races 4 x 200 meter races. 8,000 spectators at the annual donkey final in Nuremberg. 3 times German champion donkey. nickname Schneller. The Fast one!!
Son's Georg and Sebastian jr run the place with Georg up front and Sebastian Jr in the kitchen. Along with their sister they were German and European ball room and modern dance champions with their partners before retirement. Perhaps bring a small gift for Georg's 2 year old daughter Chiara, and Sebastians 5 year old.
  Across the road from the hotel you can buy crates of beers, wines, soft drinks, water etc very cheap and keep them on your bus. 100 meters away is a nice bakery and 200 meterrs a discount MARKT with incredibly cheap food, chocolates, fruit, and all groceries.
Half the Duke Group of about 36 followed my advice and bought cell phones T-mobile, O2, Vodafone etc for about 30 Euros. Incoming calls, even from USA are free.
More later after the 2 matches today.