Posted: 6/7/2006


  Everyone is excited-its the middle of the spargel season!! Thats white asparagus which is in every meal and at every market.
Anway, 2 days to go to WC 2006 and probably 25 teams with no chance.
Duke beat Rosenheim 4-0 today at the JahnStadion in Rosenheim tonight with the Alps-still with snow on the top a beautiful backdrop.
Tomorrow they play Vladivostok here at the little stadium next to Gasthof Hoehensteiger.
Those of you staying here later this month are in for a warm welcome and a huge TV screen for all the matches.
Lots of famous clubs have stayed here, AC Milan, Bayern Munchen, Fulham FC , Preston North End,  teams from around Europe, also lots of hockey teams and even the current Pope who is German from a few miles away, while he was a bishop.
We went to a local beer festival at Bad Ailing, a small village 10 minutes away. A big tent with 2500 people and lots of beer from the Rosenheim Brewery AUERbrau. An 'auer' is a small wild turkey that lives in the mountains near here. 
YOUR BEIR IS AUER BIER,  is their slogan. Lots to eat from sausages to 6 lb entes(ducks) These festivals are all over the area every week. There was a 20 piece Bvarian band and lots of carnival games outside.
On Friday Duke have hired 30 bikes for a 4 hour tour of Munich and then watch the WC opener Gwermany vs Costa Rica.
Let the games begin.